Summer in The City

So what do you do when  you are not going anywhere on summer holiday but still want to have that “summer-shoot”? Just go out to a beautiful cafe and dress like you are on summer vacay- only this one is in the city *haha*. Yes, I wasn’t going anywhere last summer, so I head to the mall, to the outdoor cafe, and dress like we are on summer vacay in the city. Me and my girlfriends often go out to do a random photoshoot when we have nothing to do #girls. 

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If you ask me where to shop for clothing, what strikes first in my mind is Indonesian local clothing brand. They are now coming up with a very wide range of style, with good quality of course. One of my favourite brand for casual #ootd is Shop at Velvet. In this post, I wear their Talullah dress (they are on sale now!) in black. I love how casual this outfit look, but still has that sweet touch. As for the straw hat, I got mine from Forever21. I’ve been searching straw hat for a long time, and finally decided to buy the F21 one. Why? Because I find that compared to other brands, they have better quality for the material.

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You may find a lot of cute sandals, but not the comfortable one. This sandals that I got from Tweede Kans is very-very-very comfortable. I love the white color with a touch of black, and the shape is custom to your feet! So when you order, they will ask you to measure your feet ( very detailed measurement ). That’s why it is very comfortable and fits your feet perfectly.

cafe : Odysseia Pacific Place, Jakarta






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