ITSYJESSY ft. Aquilus

When it comes to contact lenses, I would say it’s a difficult decision. Because we need some criteria for choosing which contacts is right for us. For me, criteria number 1 is comfort, and number 2 is how good it looks on my eyes. When I bought contact lenses on optic, I rarely satisfied with the lens. Because most of them often has too wide colour spread on the lens, so it distracts my vision (if that makes sense). I need lens that is only coloured on the outer lens.

In this post, I will be reviewing my latest favourite lens from Aquilus. Aquilus is a contact lenses brand that is developed and made in Singapore. Their products range from clear contact lenses to coloured contact lenses. I got the Lush Illume one. This is a monthly contact lens, with 2 tone colour. I choose the grey colour, since I wear brown lenses too often already.


So this is the packaging. Cute isn’t it? Just like any other contact lenses packaging, it is wrap in a carton box. This one has pretty flowery design on the packaging.


I got 2 lenses since i have different minus on my eyes. My left eye is -1.75 and my right eye is -2.25. I choose the gray colour from the Aquilus Lush Illume catalog.


This is what the lenses looks like. It has black to gray gradient color on the outer ring of the lens. The water content is 38% and the diameter is 14.0 mm

Benefits & Key Features

  • Sandwich technology has been adopted to protect your eyes from direct contact with any colourants for better eye health.
  •  Non-ionic nature of polyHEMA material minimises protein build up and debris deposition.
  • Biocompatible material helps provide a natural lens wearing experience with a comfortable fit.
  • Excellent shape retention provides easy handling – no lens curling

Now let’s jump to how it looks on my eyes!


My natural eye color is dark brown. The contact lenses makes my eye color become a gradation between grey to brown. This is how the contact lenses looks with natural light.


This picture shows how the contact lenses looks on my eyes with camera flash on. I like it so much, it makes my eyes look slightly bigger, but not too much. It also does not make my eyes look like those “cat eyes”.

For the comfort rating of the lens, I would say it is very comfortable to wear, doesn’t really dry out my eyes. But this lens is not really for enlarging the eyes since it’s only 14 mm, so if you’re going for the natural look, this lens is definitely for you! They also has another colour such as brown, green, sky (blue), and violet.

So if you interested on trying these lenses, you can go to their Instagram, and order it from there! Have a great day everyone,




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