Shopatvelvet x Superga

Shopatvelvet recently announced their collaboration with Superga Indonesia, featuring 8 women who are very influential in social media world, such as Instagram. In this collection called GIRLS, they have these strong maroon red, dark blue, emerald green, white, nude colour palette. I’m so in love with the colour! And from all the collection, I purchase this unique white shirt called Sage Shirt, since I’m a sucker for white shirt *hihi*

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Always love their minimalist packaging. White box, with their logo embossed on it. I’m also a fan of those pretty collaterals; like tags, boxes, thank you cards, and Shop at Velvet always nailed on this area!

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The Shirt size is all size, so it’s a little bit big for me. But, from my older purchases, I learn that their sizes runs bigger that normal sizes! So if you are super petite, I would say this brand’s measurement will be very big on you. Now back to the Sage Shirt, they have elongated front parts, which you can wear it in two ways, either tied it or just let it loose. Personally, I love mine tied just so it shows my curve a bit, not just drop down loose.

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The Sage shirt has a wide sleeve, with buttons on it, in case you want to make the sleeve tighter. In this picture, I wore it as a wide sleeve, since I’ve been loving wide sleeves clothing lately.

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This is me trying to move around to show the wide sleeves. Since you can’t really tell from the front angle that the sleeve is wide.

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I just check on the web and it’s temporarily out of stock. If you would like to purchase this shirt, you can wait ’till it’s restock, or like me, I always write my email on the “notify me” box so that I will directly get the notification asap! #girls 

“You can never go wrong with a white shirt”




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