Fresher than you ft. @canimalfresh

I do love that fresh new-car smell, but sadly, it only lasts for a little while. I want to keep my car clean and smelling fresh, so I decided to find a car freshener that smells heavenly, but not sweet. I don’t really like sweet smell such as strawberry, vanilla, caramel, and many more. I love a smell that is fresh, citrus, or flowery.

Recently I got these air freshener from Canimal Fresh that can be used in your car, room, kitchen, or your cupboard to freshen up your clothes. They have 6 scents with cute characters on it. The scent that I choose are matcha, peach, and lavender.


Look how adorable they are! All the characters are so cute, and the colours too. Let’s peek inside to see the actual products,


Imagine to hang this is your car or your room, so adorable right *.* The smell is very fresh, and not too sharp. I would say I love the matcha flavour the most, it makes my car smells like heavenly green tea!


If you would like to purchase these cutie pies, just go to their Instagram page, and add their contact! #canimalfresh




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