Thoughts on Mores Magic Cleanser

Recently I got to try this magic cleanser called “Mores” from @pasjel_julie shop on Instagram. Mores Magic Cleanser claims that it can take out your make up, clean up your skin, without causing too much stress or friction.

It is said that Mores Magic Cleanser will give you more than cleanliness with the Newest Innovative cleansing gel RDP Technology.  It works in three phases.

  1. REMOVE:  The newest gel texture will deeply remove all dirt which may cause acne and large pores.
  2. DETOXIFY: Skin detoxification with pure natural ingredients
    NEPHRITE WATER fulfills essential minerals to make your skin smooth and youthful
    SUBTILISIN by helping clear your skin of bacteria, dead skin cells and toxins   
    LIPOBELLE GLACIER mineral water from Switzerland helps retain moisture and relax skin from sun and pollution
  3. PURIFY : Renew your skin to start  your skin care journey.

So let’s look at the packaging!


The bottle has a clean look, with pump. The liquid inside looks like a gooey gel. This is the closer look to the liquid gel :


Now, lets move on to the test!

It removes the Mizzu Smart Liner Pen easily with a few rubs, which I usually find it hard to remove with my Maybelline Make Up Remover. As you can see, it turns gooey after awhile, and all of the dirts transfers to the liquid. So after you wipe it with tissue or cotton, your skin will be 100% clean! As for using is as a facial cleanser, when the liquid combine with water, it turns to be soapy and still be able to remove your make up. For my skin, it does not dries out, which is good!


If you would like to purchase this, it’s available at @pasjel_julie Shop ( Instagram ). The owner is very kind and helpful, she also has other shop which sells Air Freshener that I also review. Check out her shop for more beauty products!







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