Lovebirds & Getaway

Hi guys! This is my last trip to Bali this year. I was invited to my friend’s wedding and so I extend my trip a bit (he-he)

As soon as we arrived, we had lunch at Pak Dobiel and then went straight to the Hotel ( Ibis Nusa Dua ). My friend’s wedding was on the first day, so after we checked in, we immediately get ready for the wedding party (yay)!

my #makeuoftheday (@ratubulumata code 120)


did a little bit of photoshoot because the lighting was sooo dope (he he)

The wedding celebration was held in Royal Santrian. The theme was Beauty and The Beast, and it was very beautiful and felt almost magical!

After the wedding celebration, we go straight to Lafavella and had a fun night! Although it was hot as hellllll


the girls !

The following day, we went to Pak Malen and also Gusto Gelato to get some yummy gelato. My fav is the dragon fruit one, but it wasn’t sold that day.

Later on went to Motel Mexicola and Faculty (Livingstone 2nd floor). Did some photoshoot there loll

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After that, we got invited to the groom and bride’s villa to have an after party (yay!)


hello from the glowing bride & girls 🙂

On Saturday, we move to a villa near Kerobokan. We decided to have breakfast at Sisterfields, and then went to Sunday’s Beach Club, which is the old Finn’s Beach Club. And took lots of pictures there :p besides, who doesn’t like beach photos?




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Playsuit from BambooBlonde

After spending a day at the beach, we went to EatWell to have a dinner. Ordered pork belly (ofcourse), butter rice, and steak. Yeap I wasn’t eating this by myself, I shared those with Hanna

The last day, we dipped in to the villa’s pool and played around with the pizza and swan floaties.

Processed with VSCO with e4 preset


Later on, we went to the Kim Soo Home, and I superrr loooove this place. I remembered the last time I went to Bali, Kim Soo was still a small furniture and decor shop near Lelo Gelato. Now they have renovated the place, it’s bigger, and it has a small cafe now. And for those of you who love photoshoot or foto-foto cantik loll, they have so many spots for photoshoot (thumbs upppp)



Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

After that, we went to Potato Head to catch sunset ❤





so prettyyyy!

Before going back home, we had dinner at Wahaha and then went to the airport. The crazy part was that AirAsia delayed our flight from 9.30ish pm to 1.30ish am! Very dissapointed with AirAsia and well, we had nothing to do on the airport, all the restaurants and cafes already closed, and so, yea, here comes the waiting game!

So that’s a quick story-telling about my last Bali trip. Hoping to have another trip :p




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