Keeping it Clean with dr. soap

So last couple of months, dr-soap contacted me and decided to send me some of their products for me to review. I have known this brand for quite some time since they just launched, and oh God, how in love I am with the designs and their packaging ( #graphicdesigner problems lol ). The clean & fresh feeling, minimalist packaging, simple & japanese style design, all of those things makes me love this brand even more!

Basically, dr-soap is a local brand based in Surabaya, selling personal care and household needs products. Every products from dr-soap is completely natural and eco-friendly, biodegradable, concentrated, and professionally-made.

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I received 4 kinds of products, Fabric care wash, Natural coffee scrub, Multipurpose spray, and Hand antiseptic. I also received a dr-soap goodie bag, it was just like a canvas pouch with their logo on it. Most of the product that I get is in travel size, I also brought this to Bali last year to try and test the products. Let’s get into the detailed review!

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dr. soap Hand Antiseptic in Balcony Breeze (60 ml) | IDR 23.000

Out of all 4 products from them, I would say I like this product the most. I got mine in the smallest size, so it is very handy & easy to put it on my bag and bring this little thing everywhere I go. The hand antiseptic that I got is the Balcony Breeze one. I adore the scent so much! It smells very calming and clean. The consistency is like a clear gel, but I can feel this one from dr-soap is a bit runny and watery than any other hand sanitizer.  I use this before / after I eat, when I can’t wash my hands, after I touch dirty money, and many more. I would say I use this everyday, and almost everytime! The great thing is their formula is very gentle and does not dry my skin at all. This hand antiseptic comes in other sizes (60 ml, 100 ml, 500ml, 1liter and 5liter)


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dr. soap Multi-Purpose Spray (230 ml) | IDR 47.000

“Who needs a cabinet full of different cleaning sprays, when you can use one cost-effective bottle?” -dr. soap, well I couldn’t agree more with their statement. This is a special anti-bacterial liquid to clean dirt, grime, and spills at multi-surfaces. Kills germs without harmful chemicals, and get rid of bad smells. Freshen the area with biotyca scent. Made with green formulas and great developed. 100% biodegradable concentrated. What I love about this product that it does not contains parabens and never tested on animals! (thumbs up for that). This product can be used to eliminate the odor in the car seat, the room, bed-wetting, puke, shoes, helmets, clothes, etc. I use mine to clean out my dirty sneakers, and it cleanse really – really well! I was actually amazed by how well it works. I sprayed it to my shoes (or you can also spray it to the clean cloth), then use a clean cloth to gently rub it in ’till clean. My sneakers are now as good as new! This Multi-Purpose Spray is available in other sizes (230ml, 1liter and 4.7liter)


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dr. soap Natural Coffee Scrub (80 gr) | IDR 70.000

This natural coffee scrub contains 100% pure coffee grounds blended with their natural recipe, almond oil, vitamin E, sea salts & brown sugar for head to toe. I always love to try coffee scrub as it can hydrate and remove dead skin cells, topical treatment for cellulite & fade stretch marks, natural remedy for eczema, speed up skin renewal process, and many more! The great thing about their coffee scrub is that they are using 100% pure organic arabica coffee beans from Wamena Papua, East Indonesia; that can only be found and grown in high altitude between 1600-1800m above sea level. The coffee beans are purely natural, without any added chemicals or fertilizer.

How to use : Get wet, rub the scrub in circular massage motions gradually onto your entire body, then your face at last. Leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes, then rub again and finish with a rinse in lukewarm water. Use 2-3x per week for best results!

I can feel my skin is more hydrated and supple after using this coffee scrub. For times when I get a scar, this has helped me a lot, eventhough you cannot see instant results as it is a very natural product. The smell of the coffee is very strong and makes you feel energized!


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dr. soap Fabric Care Wash (100 ml) | IDR 27.000

Their best-seller product! This is a special liquid detergent for washing batik, silk, linen, mixed fabrics, hosiery, lingerie, underwear, bras, swimsuits, sleepwears, PJs, and other colorfast delicates. It contains surfactant materials derived from plants that can decrease the risk of color loss, and not easily get fade. Scented with Iris Green as its aromatic perfume gives a fresh feel. It will also safely remove blood stains, spots, and the toughest stains. And of course this product is eco-friendly 🙂 They said it can also used to wash make up brushes & safe for washing baby clothes. I brought this guy when I was having a trip to Bali, and this is a life saver! I would say this product is just like a multi-purpose spray, but the different thing is, this one is a multi-purpose liquid soap wash. I can use this product to wash my swimsuit, undergarments, any spill out on my clothes, and the very important part, my make up brushes! It is gentle but deeply cleanse out any dirt that stick on your fabric. They give me the travel size one, so it is very easy & handy to carry.

So overall, I love dr-soap products for their gentle, natural but effective to clean anything that you need. I also adore their designs and packaging sooo much! The only thing that would have been a miss for me, is that they don’t list out the full products ingredients, neither on the packaging nor the website. Other than that, I would say I am very satisfied with dr-soap products!





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