L’Oréal Paris Infallible Kit Swatches

Hi everyone! Hope you all doing great ❤ In this post I will give you swatches and thoughts about the L’Oréal Paris Infallible makeup set that I got from their event several weeks ago.

So this is the makeup set that comes with a super pretty red box :


What’s inside the box : Infallible Liquid Foundation, Infallible Pro Matte Powder, Infallible Pro Contour, Infallible Pro Setting Spray, Infallible 2 Step Pro Last Lipcolor, Infallible Le Rouge and Infallible Never Fail Lip Liner


Infallible Liquid Foundation (150 Radiant Beige), Pro Matte Powder (300 Nude Beige) & Infallible Pro Setting Spray

This foundation color is way too dark for my skintone. So, I mix this foundation with my Shue Uemura BB cream to match my skintone. I love this foundation! It does not leave my face looking cakey, it is also doing a great job in terms of long wearing. As for the powder, also too dark for my skintone. I wear this once and I can say that it’s not my cup of tea. I do think it s a bit drying for my face. And the fact that it is matte also makes it not my cup of tea. Since I love dewy and glowy skin finish ❤ But for people who loves matte finish and more to the oily side, I bet this is worth trying for! Their Pro Setting Spray is also a Holy Grail product! It helps to long last your makeup, however I find that the smell is quite funny. It reminds me of sunblock spray I guess?


Infallible Pro Contour ( 814 Medium )

This contour kit would be great if you are on-the-go, as the packaging is very handy. It has mirror inside the packaging and also a brush for you to contour. I got the medium color, I would say for the contouring one, it’s a bit light for me. But it is great if you are going to achieve natural look. As for the highlighter, I like it because it doesn’t give that glittery highlight look, but more to a dewy finish.


Infallible 2 Step Pro Last Lipcolor ( 201 Everlasting Caramel & 221 Berry Chic )

This is one of my favorite product from L’Oréal Paris Infallible line ❤ It has 2 applicator, 1 is for liquid lip color and the second is for some kind of balm that helps to moisturize your lips and also make them last for 24-HR! At first, I was confused on how to use this lip color. It turns out that you use the liquid lip color first, then seal it with the lock balm. Well, I don’t even use my lipstick for 24 hr haha but this one really stays put all day ’till I go home at night. It promises not to dry your lips, and I agree with that. For this kind of longwear lipcolor, this does not dry my lips as much as any other lipcolor.


Infallible Lipstick (814 Forever Frappe, 712 Everlasting Plum, 112 Unending Kiss)

The left one, 814 Forever Frappe, is my favorite among those 3! This lipstick does not dry my lips, it has a creamy moisturizing texture. Although this lipstick does not last as long as the 2 step lipcolor.


Infallible Never Fail Lip Liner (Brown, Red/Wine)

This “never fail” lip liner seems doing just a O.K for me. I don’t really fancy a lip liner, and I do thing this one is a bit drying for my lips. As for the color, I would say the brown one is too dark for my lips.


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see ya on the next post!
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