Empties #01 | Glossier, Son&Park, Dr. Jart, and more!

Hi beauties! In this post I will be sharing about my first Empties post! Most of the products are skincare products, and the rest is perfume and skin tint. Let’s hop on to the products!


Son&Park Beauty Water in travel size 60 ml


I’ve been thinking alot wether should I purchase this beauty water or not, so I got myself the travel size one before buying the full size. I believe it was around IDR 90.000-ish. And I loooooove this toner so much <3<3<3 It has a fresh scent but not too strong, does not dry out my skin. Leaves my skin hydrated and supple. I am thinking about doing a full review post on this product, so stay tuned!


Nina Ricci Premier Jour


This one is a gift from my mom. It smells like a fresh floral and very feminine. But not in a sweet way. I don’t really like sweet scents like cotton candy, etc. The vanilla blend makes it so smooth and mandarin lifts my mood in an instance. This is one of those which was a delight at first sniff. The staying power of this perfume is not bad. It can last for about 5-7 hours then starts to fade away.


Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser


I finish the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser quite fast. I don’t really use lots of the products either, but somehow I do think the jelly consistency makes it run quite fast. This is a good and gentle cleanser, as I has reviewed before. But for my skin concerns, around the T-zone, which is enlarged pores and blackhead, it does not really do the job. This cleanser will suit perfectly for someone who has already won a genetic lottery to begin with.


Glossier Skin Tint in Light


I adore their skin tint! I usually don’t wear heavy foundation, since I think I don’t really need to cover up my freckles. So this skin tint is perfect for me. It makes your skin looks “your skin but better”. Gives a healthy glow finish. The texture is very watery, makes it so comfortable to wear all day. It really feels like skin. Highly recommended !


Nature Republic Aqua Watery Cream – Combination


I have purchased this product a long time ago. I love this moisturizer, as it hydrates your skin and the scent is very fresh & relaxing. They have 3 kinds of cream depending on your skin types. I choose the combination one. The texture feels like a gel cream. But for those of you who don’t like fragrance products, you should stay away from this product as it has a quite strong scent.


Dr. Jart V7 Cleansing Foam


I would say, this is the most effective cleanser I have ever used. It really cleanse my skin, but not drying. I can definitely see my blackhead is clearing up, and my pores got smaller. This product really deep cleanse my pores. Now I am currently trying out other cleanser, but feels like it does not do the job as good as the Dr. Jart one. So I think I’m gonna repurchased it after I finish my current cleanser.


Bioderma Sensibio Eye Contour Gel


This is just an OK product for me. It hydrates my under eye, but does not help in terms of dark circle and puffiness reducing. I’m not quite sure, but it could be because of my lack of sleep too lol. Overall it is a good product but does not give an effective results.



Bioderma Hydrabio Serum Moisturizing Concentrate


As for the hydrating serum, I quite like it. It smooth out my skin, gives enough hydration, and also prep my skin before make up. This Hydrabio line is for people who has a dry-sensitive skin. It has a mild scent.


Glossier Priming Moisturizer


I love the fact that this moisturizer is a 2 in 1 product. It moisturizes and primes your skin before makeup. Like they said, Skin first, Makeup second ❤ It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, and glowing. I kid you not that this gives you some healthy glow to your skin! The only downside is the smell. I know this has no fragrance at all, but then I can smell the chemical ingredients in it. I would love it more if it has at least a small amount of mild fragrance.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask


This is a green clay & sweet almond oil mask that draws out impurities. Tighten your pores, and cools down redness on your skin. I usually use this once a while when I feel like my skin needs a clearing agent. Like when I am on my period breakout, or from wearing too much makeup. This mask detoxify my skin in an instant! Would love to repurchased this mask ❤



Overall I am happy with all of my purchases and empties! Stay tuned for my Empties #02 ❤



Thank you for reading,
see ya on the next post!

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