ZALONKU.COM | We Tried It: Go Massage Review

go-massage-by-gojek2If there are two things Indonesian love, relaxation and staying away from traffic in Jakarta.Recently launched, Go Massage is a mobile spa app pioneered by Gojek that dispatches massage therapists to every corner of Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi and Tangerang Selatan. You can now have the luxury of setting up a mini spa in the comfort of your own living room, office or hotel room.


We were a little worried about a massage therapist visiting our place. Is it safe? Who are the masseuses? What products do they use? What do I wear while they massage me? But it ended up being very easy — not weird or dangerous at all.

How it works: Book an appointment through Go Massage in Gojek app by choosing the service you want, date and time.


Pricing: While it may sound expensive to have a home delivery service, it turns out Go Massage services are extremely affordable. A tap of your smartphone will bring one of Go Massage’s therapists right to you starting at IDR 90.000 per hour – and they’ll bring own massage oil, cream, mattress and aromatherapy too.


Experience: Dewi showed up right on time carrying her Go Massage bag and greeted me with a warm hello. After setting up our little spa corner, she stepped into the bathroom to wash her hands and let me get ready.






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