| ZOEVA Brushes Review

In today’s post I will be sharing to you about Zoeva brushes Sephora Indonesia webstore. The customer care was very helpful and responded very fast. My package arrived not too long after I purchased it. The packaging was very neat and safely wrapped in a very thick bubble wrap.


look at these beauties ❤

The one that I purchased is the ZOEVA Complete Brush Set. ZOEVA brushes are made out of a mix of natural and synthetic hair and divided  in 3 ranges, the vegan one, the « normal » one and the luxe one (there also is a rosegold kit). The one that I purchased has 6 face brushes and 9 detailed eye brushes. When I first opened it, it was very neat, each brushes wrapped in a clear plastic packaging & transparent brush shield.


You will also get a simple, travel friendly, black pouch for your new babies. It is made of a gorgeous faux leather material, to protect your brushes.


I love that they don’t just give the brush number, but also their names. It will be great for beginners, as you will know which brush is used for what.

Face brushes :


104 Buffer : This is a dense brush, perfect to apply foundation. It did great to apply thick foundation to liquid skin tint (Glossier’s one). It gives that perfect airbrush finish!


102 Silk Finish : Just like the buffer, this brush is also perfect to buff your foundation quickly and it will give you that flawless finish.


106 Powder : Just like the name, this brush is meant for powder. It is very soft, fluffy and comfortable to use. I usually use this to set my foundation or apply RCMA translucent powder after I finish all my make up.


110 Face Shape : This brush is supposed to be for contouring your face with cream or powder products. However, I do find this brush is too small to contour my cheek area, and too big to contour my nose area. Well, I think I will try to find another way to use this brush. It might be good to blend cream contour that you applied to your face.


128 Cream Cheek : This brush is used for applying blush. This one is very soft, and does not make my blush look super strong, it makes it look natural. However, I do find this brush is the perfect size to apply contour on my face!


142 Concealer Buffer : I use this brush to conceal my undereye circle as well as any imperfection that I want to hide. It applies and blends concealer quickly and seamlessly, without making it look cakey.

Eye Brushes :


223 Petite Eye Blender : This brush is perfect to achieve a very defined crease and outer V.


227 Luxe Soft Definer : I love this brush for blending my eyeshadow, it is dense enough to work quickly, but not scratchy.


228 Luxe Crease : When I saw it on Sephora webstore, this brush is supposed to be in black color and called “Crease”. But I guess I got the “Luxe Crease” one, I don’t know why, but I’m happy that I got the Luxe one lol. This is a multitasking brush, used for blending, and applying the crease shade. The Crease Brush is the perfect shape to fit in the contours of the eye and again nice and soft.


235 Contour Shader : This angled brush is very useful when you want to blend eyeshadow in the outer V. The brush is very thin, perfect for the bottom lash line as well.


231 Luxe Petite Crease : This brush is great for accentuating and blending in the crease. Tt can make your crease look as defined or smokey as you want it and is the perfect size. Gorgeous !


234 Luxe Smokey Shader : Great for shading and blennding with smoky effect


315 Fine Liner : This brush has a precise application for eyeliner products. But tbh, I do think this is too thin, and I would prefer to use their wing liner brush or just use a pen liner.


317 Wing Liner : This eyeliner brush is perfect if you want to create that wing liner look. The thinness and precision of this brush makes it so easy to apply eyeliner close to your lash line.


322 Brow Line : This brush is great for powder or cream products. I use my anastasia beverly heels or my salon perfect brow pomade with this. It glides on perfectly, applies the product very quick, and gives a natural results. You can also use this on powder brow products, or even brown eyeshadow on your brows.

Does it worth the money ?
Yes, it does! They give you a very great quality of brushes that I would say, is a very important investment in your make up kit.



When I purchased this set, I also got a free Sephora Laptop Case in the package. Sadly my laptop is 15″, and this case is for 13″ laptop. So, I decided to do a giveaway (for Indonesia area only) for this laptop case. The rules are very simple, all you have to do is :

  1. Follow my blog (just click the follow button!)
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and you are done! I will choose the lucky winner on the Valentine’s day and announced it on this post & also on my Instagram page. Best of luck!

Hope this review was helpful!
Thanks for dropping by,
Have a great makeup day ahead!

as always,



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